CVC Building Fund

Original purchase price: $465,464
Current Amount owed: $335,040
Paid above mortgage this month: $200

The payment for the building loan is a regular part of our operating budget. Any money given specifically to the Building Fund each month will go as an additional payment toward the principal. If you would like to donate online on a regular/recurring basis to help us buy down the building loan, follow these instructions.

To set up ongoing, online giving for the Building Fund:

♦ Go to If you have previously registered, log into the database.
♦ Fill in the form, changing the fund to “Building Fund”
♦ You can choose a one time gift, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or yearly
♦ Once all of your info is filled in, click the button “Donate Now.”

If you are not registered for CVC’s online database, Breeze and would like to, email to request an invitation be sent to you.


.. there are multiple ways you can contribute to CVC and the building fund without spending any extra money? CVC is registered with the following organizations that return a percentage of purchases you make to the church and we use the money for CVC ministries, including the building fund.

… Escrip (Safeway)
Go to:
Follow prompts on screen

Fry’s Community Rewards
Go to
If you do not have an online account that coordinates with your VIP card, click where it says “create one”
If you do, click “Enroll Now”
Follow the prompts

… and AmazonSmile:

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