Connecting is the key to real community

That usually doesn’t happen on Sunday morning! It takes effort – stepping out of your comfort zone – and time to establish and grow in relationships. A first step is scheduling coffee with one of the pastors (it’s your one free cup!) and a great opportunity to get your questions answered. Email

When you’re ready for a deeper connection, we suggest you try any or all of the following:

Join a LifeGroup
This is THE most important way to connect with others. In fact, we believe it’s more important to attend your LifeGroup than a Sunday service (if you HAVE to choose). Don’t be afraid to try out a few before you choose one to attend.

Attend an event
RSVP or pay the registration fee if indicated; otherwise, just show up!

Volunteer to serve
We ALL have gifts and abilities God wants use!

Attend The Newcomer’s LifeGroup
You wouldn’t get on a bus or a plane without knowing where it’s going! The same is true of a church. This 3-week LifeGroup is offered twice a year, in January & August.

Aspire to be a leader: Find out what it takes!