WindowWhat is a Clearness Committee?

A two-hour meeting where a group of 4-5 godly individuals:
• listen to you share about your decision or issue
• ask questions to help you fully probe the issue
• offer observations (if desired)
• never speak of it again – to you or anyone else

Behind the Clearness Committee is a simple belief that each of us has an inner teacher, a voice of truth, (we call it the Holy Spirit) who offers the guidance and power we need to deal with our problems. However, that inner voice is often garbled by all kinds of inward and outward interference. The function of the Clearness Committee is not to fix people’s problems from the OUTSIDE, but to help people remove the interference so they can hear the voice of God INSIDE.

Where did the Clearness Committee originate?

It was formed in the 1660’s by the Quakers who needed a way to deal with personal problems by drawing on both their inner resources (their own discernment) and community resources. Why? Because they had no clerical leaders to “solve” their problems for them.

Why do we offer this service at CVC?

When the Clearness Committee is understood and practiced, it is a spiritual discipline that can become a way to:

  • renew community in our individualistic times
  • free people from their isolation in decision making
  • counteract the unhelpful excesses we call caring
  • create space for the Spirit to move among us with healing and power

What types of decisions are appropriate for a Clearness Committee?

Major life decisions such as marriage, career choices, or moving are a natural fit, but Committees can also be helpful for relationship issues or less tangible, spiritual problems such as stuckness, dryness in relationship with God, or the “feeling” that something is wrong.

Who to Contact:
De Landgraf
phone/text 602.492.2074