IHPpicWhat is Inner Healing Prayer?

Inner healing prayer is designed to bring Christ’s healing to the broken, wounded, and painful areas of our hearts and lives (and we all have them) so that we are free to respond to current situations in healthy, godly ways.

Why not just “forget the past and move on?”

The short answer? We can’t and here’s why…

  • Each life experience correlates to a particular pattern of neuron networks firing – and this pattern develops the first time we do anything. When we repeat an activity, we fire the same set of neural networks. So, in a sense, life becomes a living memory because so much of what we do is an unconscious repetition of what we have done in the past.
  • The implicit models we form early in life tend to emerge automatically in response to certain internal and external stimuli. (Example: Mom’s furrowed brow was followed by an angry outburst; today you feel anxious and threatened when someone furrows their brow.) This is supported by research in marriage and family therapy that suggests approximately 80 percent of the emotional conflict between couples is rooted in events that predate the couple knowing each other.

How does inner healing prayer help?

Jesus is Immanuel, which means “God with us” and this promise is the foundation for all we do. As painful memories are visited and Jesus reveals his Presence and truth perspective, healing happens and the memory itself changes – which, in turn, creates new neural pathways.

The ultimate goal is to help us learn to perceive the Lord’s presence, and abide in an interactive connection with Jesus as we walk through life each day.

How does inner healing prayer work?

  • The facilitator prays and asks God to bring a joyful, positive memory to mind. You will be instructed to look for Jesus in that memory and listen for anything he wants you to know. The purpose is to increase your capacity for joy and create a “safe” place – if needed – to process particularly painful memories. Sometimes, or for a season, you may only visit joyful memories as God may simply be expressing His love to you or establishing how you hear Him speak.
  • Next, the facilitator may ask Jesus to make himself known to you in a current situation or space, or ask Jesus where He would like to take you next.
  • When a memory comes to mind, the facilitator simply helps you explore it by asking questions about what was happening, how it impacted you, where Jesus might be, and what He wants you to know.
  • As memories are altered by the presence of Jesus, wounds are healed and you are able to live more fully in the peace of Christ.

Who to contact:
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