SDPicThat hour of spiritual direction is a sacred space where time seems to stand still…  where you give undivided attention to your journey with God… and you begin to notice the presence of God in the midst of the good, bad and ugly of your life.

What is Spiritual Direction?
Spiritual Direction is an ancient form of pastoral care that fosters the relationship between a person and God in the everyday-ness of life. It’s that simple and that profound.
The term spiritual direction itself is a bit misleading; spiritual companion, friend or guide are more accurate terms because it is God who “directs” and the spiritual director simply helps the directee discover for themselves “what the Father is doing.”

What does a Spiritual Direction session look like?
Typically you meet with a Spiritual Director once a month for an hour.

The director may open with prayer and silence, a question, or a contemplative exercise such as scripture reading and reflection. Then you talk about whatever is on your mind:  Spouse, children, church, internal struggles, doubts, and dreams. God is at work in the midst of daily life!

The director listens attentively and, occasionally, asks a finely-tuned question to help you probe deeper, or offers an observation. He or she may have you sit with the Lord regarding questions that come up.

The result of ongoing spiritual direction is transformation! The directee gains new insights about the Lord, self, and circumstances enabling growth in intimacy with God and others.

How are directors trained?
Directors at CVC have been trained through Sustainable Faith’s two-year certificate program. The program is recognized and recommended by the Evangelical Spiritual Director’s Association. The curriculum includes extensive reading, reports, practice, peer review and intense personal formation. The cost is nearly $4,000 including fees and books and each director personally paid for the training.

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Is there a charge?
Area rates for spiritual directors vary from $45 to $65.
Directors at CVC normally charge $50 but offer a half-price rate of $25 to regular CVC attenders.

Who to contact:
De Landgraf
phone/text 602.492.2074